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A humble narrow-cast radio station 1629am in Newcastle, which broadcasts from Cooks Hill in Newcastle NSW has sold its' 400th radio to an avid listener, - Keith Hampton, of Wallsend.

As Radio 1629am is a narrow-cast station some radios do not tune past 1602 so Radio 1629AM started selling radios that will tune the station.

We started selling the radios in July 2015and in two and a half years we have sold 400 and all reports our listeners love them and tell us they listen to 1629AM all the time.

The radio sales are one of the ways to raise funds to keep the station on air.


Radio 1629AMwith the slogan “Unforgettable Music” is manned by 22 on air volunteer broadcasters, all of who are enthusiastic about the specialized music they present and feedback they get from the listeners, both locally and internationally.


Radio1629AM also streams our program on the net on “”and is heard by many, bringing listeners from all over the world including USA, England, and Europe and around Australia. As you can imagine, the audience in large, and they are tuned in both day and night for hours, days and weeks on end.


Cecily Waters, announcer, who sold the 400th radio to Keith, says broadcasting is an exciting career. No shift is ever the same, "I like broadcasting live, as it lets people know I'm human!" Cecily has been in both community and commercial (3AK Melbourne), radio for the past 35 years. Her main topic is jazz, but her real passion is interviewing and promoting local talent.


Cathy Williams, who is an important "cog in the wheel" at the station delivers and tunes in the radios for those who have telephoned and bought one. She loves meeting and chatting with the buyer, and usually ends up sharing an inviting cup of coffee and biscuit. It also gives Cathy an opportunity to get a "feel" of what type/style of music listeners like to hear.


Keith and his wife Donna were delighted when Cathy and Cecily knocked on their door with the certificate of congratulations as being the 400th person to purchase a radio/CD player from 1629AM.



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